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Old Brutus Historical Society

Mural on exterior of Old Brutus Historical Society building. This image represents traveling down The Erie Canal during the early 1900’s, which is where Erie Drive (Rt. 31) is now located. The bridge connecting Brutus Street is long gone but several building can still be seen.

Larger than it appears, the non-profit Old Brutus Historical Museum, 8943 N. Seneca Street, Weedsport, NY, has many diverse collections which will interest both the inquisitive visitors and the dedicated researchers looking for information on the history of the Town of Brutus and its earliest settlers: the farmers, the merchants, and the canalers.

The displays on the main floor of the Museum are periodically changed to reflect the area’s history as a canal town, or to portray its history of agriculture, commerce, and the every day life of its residents. Visitors will also see display cases and mannequins which will help explain aspects of local life during the earlier years of the Town.

To help the visitors better understand the construction of the Erie Canal as it passed through the Town in the 1800’s, the Museum has models of both a lock and an aqueduct. The extensive Erie Canal Resource Center contains slides, books, pictures, and other pertinent items.

To help the researchers, there are extensive genealogical files of Brutus families, as well as files of organizations, businesses, and the events that helped shape the growth of the Town.

The Museum’s lower level exhibit rooms feature a facsimile of a one-room school house, early agricultural equipment, and items of every day life used in that time period. Of special interest is the old-style kitchen – a room that may bring back fond memories.

Also on display is a replica of an Erie Canal lumber boat cabin, some of the tools used to build the Canal, and a few of the commercial items shipped on the waterway.

Upon leaving the building, the visitors should view the beautiful mural on the northern exterior wall depicting a canal barge passing under Weedsport’s West Brutus Street Bridge - circa 1900.

The volunteer staff is available and willing to assist visitors on Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, or by making an appointment with the Historian (315- 834-9342). Guided tours are available for interested groups, or on an individual basis, at the handicapped accessible building.

Interesting Facts about Weedsport/Brutus

  • -Military tract boundries established 1782.
  • -First permanent settler:
    William Stevens, Lot 76, 1800.
  • -First church:
    Methodist Episcopal, 1816.
  • -Weed brothers constuct "Basin" on the Erie Canal, 1818
  • -Town of Brutus established in 1827.
  • -Village of Weedsport incorporated in 1831.

Old Brutus Historical Society Monthly Events

We hold two events monthly at the museum, one for board meetings and one for program events.

Our Board members meet on the 1st Friday of the month at 10 AM.

Our Programs are 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 PM.
Programs run between the months of March to November.
All programs are free and open to the public.

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